Alternate Philosophy

Starting from Scratch

As has been highlighted throughout this chapter, any discussion concerning success and motivation draws its parameters from the philosophy that defines participation in the activity itself. So, the foundation of why we play sport and what is regarded as important within the undertaking must clearly be established.

In practical terms, this book is about striving for the optimal and ultimate ideal of sporting achievement for any given individual or team. We are not interested in tired realities that lock in old, limiting beliefs about attitude and performance. Nor do we wish to perpetuate ideas that are one dimensional in their objectives or methodological application.

Put quite simply, as coaches we demand a philosophy that is founded upon the notion of “Being the BEST YOU can be” and “Giving ALL that YOU’VE got, at ALL times, in ALL situations”.

Take note, these phrases are statements of process. At the philosophical level, they have NO relation to specific outcomes or performance indicators. Defeating opponents, winning events and even registering personal bests are considered distractions – Nowhere is there an expectation of victory because the entire notion is both unrelated and irrelevant to our concept of success.

Winning is an OUTCOME GOAL. Being the best you can be is a PROCESS GOAL that has winning as a possible by-product.

To achieve “Success” within the boundaries of such a philosophy is infinitely harder than winning will ever be. Accordingly, if you do succeed, it follows that you will win bigger, faster and more elegantly than would ever be possible than if you were actually intending to do so.

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