Philosophy and Foundation


Perspective ONE:  Active Participation – Generally understood and promoted as a desirable ideal

At lower levels and particularly in junior ranks, participation, enjoyment and learning are the primary objectives of sport. Winning exists as a bonus rather than the central motivating force and does not determine popularity or longevity of the team / activity itself. Kids go along to have fun with other kids, improve their skills and learn about the game. It is hoped that this instils a lifelong love of the sport in all who take part – A love that remains the core and foundation of involvement, irrespective of the level at which the athlete eventually competes.

Perspective TWO:  Winning – Widely accepted as a fact of twenty first century sport

The higher the level at which an athlete competes, the more winning is the only real measure of how well players, team and coach are doing. Rightly or wrongly, there simply isn’t another parameter that carries anywhere near the same weight of consideration with team selections, contracts and sponsorships all unashamedly based on the reputation and capacity of an individual or team to win. Participants have no choice but to put all their efforts towards securing victory at every competitive opportunity.

The foundation of competitive sporting culture is simple: win or be discarded. The coach is compelled to deliver, or lose his/her job.

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